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Communicating with Sharks

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Communicating with Sharks

Dr. E. K. Ritter

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Sharks seen through the eyes of filmmakers

John McKinney

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Whale shark tourism in the Philippines

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GIMEC Meeting in New Orleans

Dr. E. K. Ritter

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Successful launch of the Shark Exhibition in St. Gallen

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Smalleye Hammerhead Shark

Dr. E. K. Ritter

Communicating with Sharks


Animals communicate in their own special way when interacting with humans. Most pet owners thus usually understand what their animals are trying to say by certain signals which they send out. Such signals include a cat's purring and rubbing against a person's legs, or the excited wagging of a dog's tail.

The same holds true for sharks who also send out specific signals when they come into contact with people. Unfortunately, up until now we have not been able to interpret them properly except in extremely rare cases. It is thus not surprising that until a short time ago divers who encountered sharks were advised to simply react passively until the animal lost interest in them.






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